Sustainable textile production

MELAWEAR. Committed and certified.

India is the second largest producer of cotton in the world, and also the world’s leading nation in textile production. Unfortunately, child labor, environmental pollution, and social injustice are ubiquitous – in spite of tremendous economic progress. Rightfully lots of criticism centers around India’s textile industry, because many companies pay too little respect for to their workers, suppliers and the environment.

At MELAWEAR we are committed to helping end these unethical practices, and we only work with factories that are committed to sustainable and responsible textile production. Our organically produced and fair-traded production collection is produced North of Mumbai in India. In Germany shipping and handling is done at our logistics partner Hipsy near Hamburg

All of MELAWEAR’s products carry the Fairtrade and GOTS labels, thereby promoting sustainable textile production. The MELAWEAR collection is produced exclusively from organic Fairtrade cotton, and is dyed according to strict GOTS regulations. All of our partners and suppliers are regularly audited to ensure their Fairtrade and GOTS certification compliance. See the collection

Sustainable textil production through organic printing

All of MELAWEAR’s textile printing is done in using GOTS standard organic processes. We only use water-based colors, which is why our production does not include the use of softeners, formaldehyde, heavy metals, or optical brightening agents. We do this to protect our environment and your skin. Always along MELAWEAR’s principles: Organic. Fair. Good.

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