Organic cotton

MELAWEAR. Organic and responsible

The cotton used by MELAWEAR and our partners is 100 percent organically produced. Unlike in conventional cotton production, organic cotton farmers refrain from using chemical pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and chemical crop protection agents. Organically grown cotton uses less water than conventional growth methods. Moreover, it protects the soil by using only natural fertilizers such as manure or compost, which increases the amount of humus in the soil, making it less prone to erosion. In India, the cotton is handpicked to preserve the soil .The use of genetically modified plants is strictly prohibited in organic cotton farming.

At MELAWEAR we exclusively use Fairtrade certified organic cotton for our clothes. Therefore the cotton farmers receive a fixed price for their cotton, plus an additional premium. Independent local certification bodies audit this at least once a year, and all companies involved in the process must disclose their production methods and their material flow to the auditors.

At MELAWEAR we refrain from using toxins and environmentally harmful chemicals. We simply think it feels better – on your skin and for our conscience.

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