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MELAWEAR supports fair conduct towards and proper remuneration for our cotton farmers and tailors, as well as high GOTS and Fairtraide standards throughout our supply chain. By helping our partners market their high quality products in Europe at a fair price, we are actively working towards solving third world social imbalance. We do so by adhering to the strict criteria of Fairtrade. Those encompass for example good working conditions and wages for the workers on cotton plantations and in the factories. By using the Fairtrade certificate MELAWEAR addresses both interests, the needs of the farmers, workers and tailors for fair wages with the demand of our customers for good working conditions in the production of their clothes.

As a member of the Fairtrade community, the small farmers in a cooperative are guaranteed a minimum price for their crops. Additionally, they receive a Fairtrade premium with which to finance local community projects, such as building schools or improving the local water supply. For farmers from underprivileged regions in the south, Fairtrade facilitates market access to northern markets, helping to foster long term and direct trade relations. Around 1.2 million people in Latin-America, Africa and Asia are connected to the Fairtrade system. Together with their families, more than 6 million people directly profit from the fair commerce from products carrying the Fairtrade label.

Our collection is produced in a fully Fairtrade certified supply chain. Our production partners and suppliers are audited annually by FLO CERT in order to make sure that those standards are met.

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