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MELAWEAR. Natural and responsible.

MELAWEAR stands for Fairtrade and organic clothing made in India The aim of the MELAWEAR team is to work in as environmentally-friendly a way as possible,, focusing on social and transparent partnerships. As such, MELAWEAR has established high social and environmental standards along our entire supply chain. To make sure our garments are entirely Fairtrade and organic, MELAWEAR is regularly audited by the GOTS and Fairtrade certification bodies.

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Sustainable textile production

Our organic and Fairtrade collection is produced in the north of Mumbai in India. Our shipping and handling in Germany is done at our logistics partner Hipsy near Hamburg.

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MELAWEAR supports fair conduct towards and proper remuneration for our cotton farmers and tailors, as well as high GOTS and Fairtraide standards throughout our supply chain. By helping our partners market their high quality products in Europe at a fair price, we are actively working towards solving third world social imbalance.

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The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is widely regarded as the world’s leading standard for textile production from organic fibers and yarns. It sets high ecological and social standards for all elements of textile production, and GOTS criteria are considered higher than most other standards. Compliance with GOTS is enforced through an independent end-to-end certification process, and MELAWEAR’s garments are audited on a regularly to ensure GOTS compliance.

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Organic cotton

The cotton used by MELAWEAR and our partners is 100 percent organically produced. Unlike in conventional cotton production, organic cotton farmers refrain from using chemical pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and chemical crop protection agents.

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