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„mela“ is Hindi and means „acting together“. It is our aim to contribute to a sustainable development in the textile industry through our way of conducting business. Therefore research and development takes an important part as research and development embody important drivers for sustainability innovations. In the following we present parts of our collaborations and research partners:

Acting together…

… with Leuphana University Lüneburg

MELAWEAR was founded in the scientific environment of the Leuphana University Lüneburg. Since then the University and the young enterprise maintains close contact that is characterized by a high degree of cooperation. Hence, mela wear played an essential role in the appointment of the Leuphana University as one of four Fairtrade Universities in Germany.

The scientific collaboration enables both students and researchers from the university to gain unique experiences in the entrepreneurial context of a sustainable enterprise like MELAWEAR. At the same time scientific papers are written that bring a significant added value for both the company and the university research.


… with established fashion schools

As an internationally acting company MELAWEAR pays big attention to an exchange with fashion schools. Different projects with students facilitate a dialogue that involves topics such as communication, marketing, design and materials science. The Academy for Fashion and Design (amd) and the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW) are cooperation partners of MELAWEAR.

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… with the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles

The Partnership for Sustainable Textiles was founded in 2014 as a multi-stakeholder initiative. It is led by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and deals with sustainability problems occurring along the textile supply chain. Being a partner MELAWEAR contributes to an improvement of the framework conditions in the producing countries and furthermore helps to expand existing textile standards.

Find out more about the alliance for sustainable textiles here.hier.


…with Fairtrade International

The entire product range of MELAWEAR is made from Fairtrade certified organic cotton. In this way, the company secures a fair payment and fixed acceptance prices for the cotton farmers. Also, there are bonuses to reward the compliance to standards regarding safe and social working conditions along the entire supply chain.
Until now the Fairtrade Standard did only apply for the cultivation of cotton and in this way only covered a small part of the textile supply chain.

Being a pilot partner for the new Fairtrade textile standard MELAWEAR helps expand the Fairtrade cotton standard to the working conditions of the textile workers. Thereby even stricter social standards would be implemented and living wages can be paid within the entire supply chain.


…with students and researchers

As a spin-off from the Leuphana University Lüneburg in Germany it is our aim to unite science, economy and society in its entrepreneurial actions. Therefore scientific papers are regularly written in collaboration with MELAWEAR dealing with relevant research questions. Those papers include university projects and the professional support of students, professors and doctoral candidates. Inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations among the company and social players facilitate a sustainable development beyond the strict entrepreneurial context.

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