Our Vision

MELAWEAR. Joined in dedication.

We are convinced that the economy can and must play an active role in improving environmental and social conditions around the globe. We at MELAWEAR are dedicated to working towards significant social and environmental change in the production of clothing.

Our business model is inspired by the personal relationships and friendships with our Indian and German partners that are at the heart of our business.

Our Goal

MELAWEAR. Active and shaping.

The founding team of MELAWEAR wants to build bridges between Europe and emerging markets to foster the creation of Fairtrade and organic products. To us transparency in the production and quality of our goods is key.

We want to offer a high-quality product range that caters to various needs. Timeless designs and colors characterize MELAWEAR’s collection, offering a stylish alternative to the conventional fashion industry.

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Olaf Neumann

Olaf stays in touch with our wholesalers and logistic partner Hipsy to ensure delivery takes place smoothly.

Johanna Keller

Johanna has got great knowledge about fashion and management. Thanks to her we never miss any trends, she keeps us informed about the latest developments.

Viviann Bolte

Viviann takes care of our bookkeeping so we never loos the overview of our orders.

Sebastian Krull

Sebastian supports MELAWEAR in marketing and sales to make our products available everywhere.

Erik Balzer

Erik stays in touch with our trading partners and partner organizations in Germany and European neighbour countries.

Nica Müller

Nica takes care of your orders and does all it takes to deliver your goods to you as fast as possible

Julio C. Guevara

Julio is responsible for updating our website. He makes sure that you are always up to date on the latest news about MELAWEAR.

Pauline Pane

Pauline feeds you with the latest news and updates around MELAWEAR, our partners and products.

Henning Siedentopp

As the CEO of MELAWEAR Henning undertakes responsibility for the coordination of the team and stays in close relationship to our suppliers and customers.

Inga Buhrfeind

Inga stays in touch with our end customers and logistic partner Hipsy to ensure delivery takes place smoothly.


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