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MELAWEAR. Durable and organic.

MELAWEAR offers both, our own collection and a selection of carefully curated partner brands. All of our clothes are in strict compliance with social, organic, and ecological standards.

We put a lot of energy and passion into creating our collection. We currently offer t-shirts and hoodies for women and men in many different colors, as well as a selection of Indian partner brands. Both our collection, and the garments from our partner labels, are in strict adherence to the highest of environmental and social standards. To ensure this, we regularly visit our partners and suppliers in India.

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Like in any real mela we know all of our partners personally. During our face-to-face visits in both India and Germany, we’ve gotten to know the people and the stories behind everyone of our suppliers and partner labels. All our partners are very experienced in cotton production, as well as the design and manufacturing of sustainable clothing.

We are all united in one mission: to improve the living and working conditions of textile production in India. This movement in the land of cotton is still small and young but is steadily increasing in popularity.

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