Fairtrade clothing

MELAWEAR. Organic and fair.

Mela is Hindi for “acting together,” a core value of our Fairtrade certified and environmentally-friendly clothing line. We believe in living up to our name, so we make sure that everything we do is environmentally friendly, good for our partners, and of course, Fairtrade. At MELAWEAR we handpick our partners and visit their sites regularly to ensure that they create according to our values. We are stringent in ensuring that our Fairtrade and GOTS certification is in order, and work to ensure our partners do the same.

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Fairtrade clothing made in India

MELAWEAR. Quality and design.

MELAWEAR is a Fairtrade collection of clothing created out of organic cotton. Comprised of t-shirts, hoodies and backbacks, our collection offers a wide range of colors and styles. Compliance with environmental and social standards are key in the selection of our producers.

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Custom printing

MELAWEAR. Customized and unique.

Custom printing will make your garment unique, and MELAWEAR offers high quality screen-printing using organic colors. Compliant with GOTS certification, our printing partners are experts in their field who care about organic clothing just as much as we do.

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MELAWEAR. Full of color & joy.

Our aim at MELAWEAR is to help everyone experience the joy of wearing organic and Fairtrade clothing! A “mela” is an Indian festival where, farmers, merchants, and everyday citizens celebrate together and establish important personal relationships for future business arrangements. Together with our Indian partners, we want to share the spirit of a mela with our customers in Europe.


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Certified Fairtrade clothing

MELAWEAR. Fair and transparent.

All MELAWEAR suppliers are certified by Fairtrade Germany. Our partner factories and their suppliers are audited by FLO CERT on an annual basis to ensure that every step in the creation of our clothing adheres to the Fairtrade standard. MELAWEAR is a registered licensee of Fairtrade Germany. The Fairtrade Association works hard to improve living and working conditions in developing countries.

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The GOTS certificate

MELAWEAR. Natural and organic.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is widely regarded as the world’s leading standard for textile production from organic fibers and yarns. It sets high ecological and social standards for all elements of textile production, and GOTS criteria are considered higher than most other standards. Compliance with GOTS is enforced through an independent end-to-end certification process, and MELAWEAR’s garments are audited on a regularly to ensure GOTS compliance.

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